The project is a manifesto of the modern metropolis and the lifestyle that has evolved with it. It is an interpretation of what could happen if we built a city within a city to serve our needs - a noahs ark of modern life, a space station within in the city. The project was conceptualised by memorializing the encyclopaedic nature of architecture. Using exemplary precedents that covered program that would be required to sustain a mini city - Religion, Exercise, Residential, Commercial, Outdoors, Education, Food and Entertainment. The form was established by colliding these examples to form a vertical space station. Using the encyclopaedic narrative, examples of mock tudor have been merged, stretched and mutated to form a consistent skin over the building that is part structure, part shade and part form. The white is a mixture of white laminated glass and white aluminium cladding. The tudor style black lattice exoskeleton is a steel structure with sections of mesh infill. The building is a self sustaining urban space station that experiments and questions the way we live and may choose to live in the future. The project is a tattoo coverup of the same nature, a science fiction testing station of urban ideas in the context of the metropolis as a host.

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